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Gutter Clean up

When was the last time your gutters were cleaned?

Up here in the Pacific Northwest we get barraged almost daily by rain, needles, and leaves falling from the sky.

This can clog gutters fast!

Clogged gutters can freeze and burst, causing damage to your home.

Additionally, water can collect inside and potentially leak into your home leading to deterioration, rot, or mold.

A gutters job is primarily protecting the foundation from flooding, which especially here in the pacific northwest can be a problem.

I once ran into a job where a dirty roof and clogged gutters caused the entire side panel of part of the house that had to be replaced, this was likely thousands of dollars to repair!

A good gutter cleaning service is essential. Gutters should be cleaned every year for proper functioning. Most typically done in fall after the leaves are gone, but anytime can work to keep your home in shape!

Doing it yourself can work if you have all the proper equipment but it can also come with more risk..

You already work hard. Let us take care of your home!

If you do decide to go the DIY route here is home depot on how to do it safely.

Most experts recommend your gutter be cleaned once a year or more as needed. I have several neighborhoods I clean their gutters twice a year.

The starting cost for most gutter cleaning is $150. 

From there it can go up based on how dirty they are, or how large and cumbersome the home is.

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