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About Us

Who is Barbosa Landscaping?

Barbosa Landscaping provides Zero Emission Lawn Care and Landscaping using all battery powered equipment, focus on high Standards of quality, to provide a better experience to our customers.
We're doing our part to help keep the environment clean and ...

Why Battery Power?

Barbosa Landscaping is passionate about preserving our environment for tomorrow.

 Modern battery powered lawn equipment is just as powerful as gas but requires a substantial upfront investment. We'd like to highlight some key advantages to battery power ...


Google Reviews

Ashley Evans
Really reasonably priced and seem well-versed in the science behind it (I have nearly murdered most of my plants) and they made sure to test the...  Read more
Sep 12, 2023
Evan Johnson
We recently hired Barbosa Landscaping to tackle the daunting task of rehabilitating our poorly kept landscape, and we couldn’t be happier with the...  Read more
Sep 12, 2023